Down Under, Day #11 - Walking the Bridge, Watson's Bay, and the Opera!

Day 11 in Australia had all sorts of exciting treats in store for me! But first I had to fight the cramps and muscles pulling in my legs as I tried to walk (slowly) down the street. Oh my, what in the world did I do to myself?! Seriously, at times I didn't think I would be able to keep walking it hurt so bad. So it took me a good bit longer than expected to to the bridge and up the 200 stairs to the Pylon Bridge Lookout. It's not quite the same as climbing the bridge, but it also costs more than $200 less. As you climb up the pylon, there are three levels of exhibits teaching about the construction and design of the bridge. It really is an impressive structure. The top of the pylon is open, with a high wall for protection and incredible views of the harbour and the Sydney skyline. At first there were a bunch of school kids running around and being goofy, but they left after about 10 minutes and I was able to enjoy the peace and quiet and take as many pictures as I wanted.
Panoramic view from the top
Me with my Opera House
Eventually I climbed back down the 200 stairs and walked the rest of the way across the bridge to North Sydney, where I bought some chips (fries) for lunch and ate them by the water, then walked around the waterfront for a while.
Church by the Bay - check out that palm tree!
Love this picture of the Opera House
After I while I was ready to sit down and rest my aching legs again, so I caught a ferry out to Watson's Bay, a little town in one of the harbour bays. The day was so gorgeous, and since the ferry took us right by the Opera House (of course!), I was able to get some nice shots of the white sails against the brilliant blue sky. When we were directly in front of the Opera House, I noticed some guys cleaning the windows on the main concert hall - what a cool job! I didn't spend too much time in Watson's Bay - there's not really a lot to do out there. I wandered around on the beach for a little while, had a puppy adopt me and follow me as I walked (I made sure he went back to his owner), and then caught the ferry back to Sydney. I had big plans for the evening, so I needed to get home and get ready! But first, I stopped by to say hello to my favorite building. 
Window washers on the Opera House!
The biggest excitement of the day was the opportunity to go see an opera at THE Opera House! I couldn't believe I was getting to do one of the top things on of my bucket list. It was enough just to go to Sydney, but to see an opera was off the charts! I didn't know anything about Verdi's Rigoletto, and our seats were in the very top row, but I didn't care. The music was beautiful, the sets impressive, the Opera House stunning, and the company was the best! What an amazing chance to experience the Opera House with my best friend.
Sydney skyline before the Opera
I saw an opera HERE!
The north foyer of the opera theatre, looking out at the harbour
Me and my BFF in front of an aboriginal painting in the opera theatre foyer.
north foyer
Photos inside the theatre are not allowed - I snuck this one with my phone during intermission.
In the north foyer with the bridge in the background


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