Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Days, Post #8

We interrupt the blog posts about my Australian adventures to bring you this regularly scheduled photographic description of my days this week - nothing too exciting, I must say. But here it is, nonetheless.

Day 60 - Some days he still looks like a puppy to me
 Day 61 - Smiley boy
 Day 62 - Last traces of a sunset, with a storm brewing
 Day 63 - It was such a hot day, I put some water in the bathtub and let Brodie play. 
He splashed and splashed to his heart's content
 Day 64 - Sweet puppy snuggles - love his position in this picture
Day 65 - Enjoying a hot summer afternoon at Genny's pool 
 Day 66 - So glad Dee Henderson has started writing again.