Summer Days, Post #4

Two weeks of Australia pics for Summer Days:

Day 25 - first sight of the Sydney Opera House!

Day 26 - Chinese Gardens of Friendship, walked nearly 8 miles

Day 27 - Sunset over the opera house

Day 28 - holding a koala ("Koko") at Cleland Wildlife Park

Day 29 - Seal Beach, just one spot on our VIP tour of Kangaroo Island

Day 30 - Steph and me at the Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island

Day 31 - exploring Adelaide before flying back to Sydney

Day 32 - fun times with my best friend in Australia's Blue Mountains

Day 33 - hiking on the cliffs from Manly to Shelly Beach

Day 34 - a very windy day in Darling Harbour

Day 35 - walked across the Harbour Bridge to get this view

Day 36 - surfers at Australia's famous Bondi Beach

Day 37 - amazing sunset behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Day 38 - one final day together in Sydney

Day 39 - last glimpse of the Opera House from the train to the airport


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