Summer Days, Post #7

This week was more of the same - work, work, work. The only thing really unusual was the weather. The week started off hot and humid, but Tuesday afternoon we had quite the cold front come through, and Wednesday through Saturday were well below average. Four days with highs in the 70s, in July, in Texas - I'll take it! 

Day 53 - Rabbit hunting from the balcony
 Day 54 - Brodie finally found a spot to relax under my desk during "bring your dog to work day" at Cambridge
 Day 55 - Woah, is that RAIN?!
 Day 56 - the furry face that greets me at work each day
 Day 57 - enjoying a walk on this unusually cool summer day
 Day 58 - Look, an Oreo! Fun times at the dog park.
 Day 59 - Finally finished my 2011 scrapbook!


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