Down Under, Day #14 - Watson's Bay and Mrs. Macquarie's Point

My final day in Sydney dawned bright, crisp, and beautiful. We started off the day walking back through The Rocks Market on the way to Circular Quay, where we took the elevator to the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art for views of the Opera House and bridge from a different angle. While we were there, we took a selfie that has become my favorite pic of me and my BFF. 
Me and my BFF, with the Opera House in the background
We took a ferry to Rose Bay, a part of Sydney that Stephanie had not yet visited. It was a lovely little peaceful bay, known for its water-plane airport. We walked along the beach for a while, before we decided it was time for lunch and headed for our next stop, Watson's Bay. 
This name of this ferry was quite appropriate!
In Watson's Bay, we decided to eat lunch at Doyle's on the Beach, a famous restaurant with spectacular views. Yes, it's a seafood restaurant. No, I don't eat seafood. But we thought surely they would have SOMETHING for my immature palate. Not so much... Stephanie had what she said was delicious grilled fish and chips. I had... chips. :) But it was okay, because the view and the company more than made up for the lack of food.
Doyle's on the Beach
The view from Doyle's on the Beach
After lunch, I decided to brave the chilly water and put my feet in the Sydney Harbour. This was my last opportunity - and it was definitely cold!

After the spectacular sunset from the day before, we decided to station ourselves at Mrs. Macquarie's Point to see the sunset over the bridge and Opera House. Unfortunately, the cloudless sky did not produce the colors from the night before, but it was still beautiful. We took a seat on Mrs. Macquarie's Chair for a few minutes, then watched the sunset before getting LOCKED in the botanic gardens and having to walk the long way around to find a way out.
At Mrs. Macquarie's Chair
The bridge is so big, the cruise ships pass under it!
Stephanie has a halo!
So sad to say goodbye to these two icons of Sydney.
I cannot say enough about my time in Sydney. Stephanie was a wonderful hostess, and we had a blast catching up after eight years. After just three days, she started talking about my "next trip" to Sydney - my NEXT trip! God willing, that will come true and I'll be able to visit again in summer of 2016. Time to start saving my pennies... :)


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