4th of July Afternoon and Fireworks

After we got home from the parade, we were all hot and sweaty, and ready to spend the afternoon in the pool. We played "horse," threw the frisbee, lounged and relaxed, and had a good time for most of the afternoon. Uncle Alvin and Aunt Kay came over late afternoon, and we grilled out hamburgers before heading to the lake to watch the fireworks.

Mom was laying out on her chair until Harley came over. The pavement was too hot for the pads on his feet, so he joined mom in her chair. After this, though, mom was all too happy to give the chair up and let Harley have it - LOL!

After dinner we went to watch the fireworks with Alvin and Kay, Alex and Adam, and Ben's girlfriend Katie and her mom. We had a great spot right on the bank of the lake, though the ground was rather rocky and uncomfortable. We were there for over an hour before the show started, so we just hung out and talked and tried not to sweat to death - it was hot!
I took Dad's tripod and set it up to try and get some good shots of the fireworks over the lake. I think I succeeded. Here are just a few of the pics I took that night! It was a great fireworks show - the only thing missing was some patriotic music.


Jennie B said…
OH Thanks for the fireworks display, we didn't get to see any (much to my chagrin) so I really enjoyed seeing your pics. Glad you had a great 4th.

How are you enjoying your new car? Did you enjoy your drive back home in it?
Amie Vaughan said…
Wow, I'm telling ya... that Harley knows what he's doing! Between snagging the chair and snagging the pop, he's one smart puppy! ;)

Your pictures are, as always, fabulous. I love the fireworks...the only ones I've seen this year. =D
Genny said…
Awesome fireworks pics! We didn't even drive to see any since the girls and I were leaving the next day. Thanks for sharing.

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