Another year has gone by...

It is hard to believe that a year ago today, I was enjoying/ dreading my last day in Scotland before returning to the States. In some ways I was ready to come home - to see my family and friends again and to return my church. In other ways I wasn't ready for my time in Aberdeen to end - I did not want to leave the good friends I had made, and I definitely didn't want to return to my 40-hour a week job! But, as is usually the case, the last month in Scotland flew by, and the last days were there before I knew it. Here are a couple of pictures from my last few days in Scotland (the first 4 pics), as well as a couple with the people I miss most from my time there (in no particular order, of course).
Me at King's College, University of Aberdeen

toes in icy North Sea, last day in Aberdeen

saying goodbye to Amie, my best buddy in Scotland

farewell to Amie and Kristianna

with my flatmate Emma from Isle of Man

with flatmate Anna (from England), my chapel choir pal

with my Scottish flatmate Judie

Jason and Erin, friends from TX who were lifesavers while I was in Scotland

the "theologicans" - Lois, me, Amie, Kristianna, Laurie, and Carolyn

with Amie, Laurie, and the Beckers (Scot, Carrie, Matthew, and Adam)

with Laurie, the other female NT student and frequent travel pal

Now here I am, one year later - back in Texas, still in my 8-5 job, finished with PhD seminars, preparing for comprehensive exams and anxious to begin writing my dissertation, back at Wedgwood and loving all the ministries I get to be a part of. Yes, it is good to be back home, but I definitely have my days when I wish I could return to life in Aberdeen (not the cold, rainy part of it though!). Ah, Scotland - it definitely captured a piece of my heart in 6 short months.


Jennie B said…
I never lived there but the 2 visits I have made so far have captured me. :) Glad you are enjoying being home.

Pretty soon you will be going to Egypt right? How cool!
Amie Vaughan said…
Good times. *sigh* Except for the leaving part.... I miss you, my friend! =)
mestrius said…
Hey Barb. Did you ever meet the three replacements for Pete and Simon (two of which are female scholars)? I wonder what they were like.

This from Pete:
The University of Aberdeen has now announced here the 3 people they are appointing to replace Simon Gathercole and myself on our departure (they advertised 2 positions, but decided on the day to appoint 3). I'm delighted that textual criticism will continue at Aberdeen in the work of Tomas Bokedal (earlier featured here on ETC). Jutta Leonard-Balzer with her range of languages (Coptic, Ethiopic, Armenian) and Jane Heath with her background as a Classicist will also, I'm sure, have something to offer to those interested in TC. I'm very pleased with these appointments and offer my congratulations to them all. I currently have the pleasure of the company of Tomas and his wife Anna, who are staying with us for a few days while they make arrangements for their move.

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