Hanging with the girls

This week I've been playing "big sis" to the Holmes girls while Genny and Jeff have been out of town. Paige and I have been tagteaming - she hangs out with them while I'm at work, then I go over and stay the evening and night with them, leaving around 7 each morning to get ready for work. We've had a lot of fun, spending a good bit of time in the pool in the evenings to try and keep cool in the 100+ heat.
Wednesday evening, after a hard rain, Rebecca looked out at the pool area and said "it's a really wierd color outside." It really was. These pictures have not been enhanced in any way. Every color just seemed SO intense and vibrant, and there was a really warm glow over everything. Look at the sky, such an interesting color! Facing west, it was a bright yellow, but I couldn't get that to show up on my camera.


Amie Vaughan said…
Looks like it was fun! I'm totally jealous of the pool. :P

That after-the-storm WAS a funny colour. Cool pics!
Genny said…
Love all of the pictures. Thank you, again, and again, for taking such good care of the girls.

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