National Championship Party

If you live in Alabama or Texas, there's no way you didn't know that last night was the big National Championship football game between those the Longhorns and the TIDE. A group of us gathered to watch the game at Dana and Dave's (thanks, Hughlings!). It was a house divided - the Hughlings and Egbert are Texas fans; Rachel, Norman and I were cheering for Alabama, and Amanda and Amy tried to be neutral (though Amanda turned traitor against her Aggies and cheered for Texas). We had a great time picking on one another, watching the game, and especially laughing at Egbert and his crazy screaming, yelling, dancing, and over-the-top cheering. Admittedly, the game didn't go the way any of us wanted it to, with Colt McCoy getting hurt in the first quarter. I would have much preferred a Bama win with McCoy in the game, but a win's a win and we'll take it. This was Bama's 13th National Championship, the first since 1992, and the first that I can remember watching. It was a nervewracking, exhausting, and exhilerating four hours, and I was thankful to spend it with such great friends. ROLL TIDE, everybody! ROLL TIDE!!!

The House Divided

The Parties--

Team Alabama
Team Switzerland (supposedly neutral)Team Texas
Josh Groban started the evening off right singing the National Anthem!
Shaker Silliness
I had fun forcing the Texas fans to wear Crimson - they had no idea! :)
Final Score!

And just in case you're wondering, yes, we ended the night as friends.


Amie Vaughan said…
what a great way to watch the game, and a greater way to end it-- with no animosity. and a bama win, of course. =D
Genny said…
Looks like a fun party! Glad you ended the night with a win.

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