A Very Texan Birthday

I had a very Texan day for my birthday this year. I started the day out by meeting my good friends at Red Hot & Blue (my favorite!) for some delicious barbeque. Yes, it was Memphis-style and most of us had pork, not beef, but it was barbeque and yummy!
After lunch and running to Hobby Lobby and Michaels with Rachel (more of my favorite places!), the Holmes family and I headed to the Will Rogers Coliseum for the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. It was a beautiful afternoon, though a cold wind made it quite chilly outside. First stop was the petting zoo, which we all really enjoyed last year. This year it wasn't nearly as crowded, so we could get closer to the animals. There was a baby heilan coo (Scottish highland cow), a 5-day old baby goat, and the same llama with the terrible teeth that was there last year. Lots of fun!
Next stop - the ferris wheel. Abigail and Katherine had never ridden on a ferris wheel before (gasp!), so we initiated them on a small one, nothing like the Texas Star at the State Fair. But it was fun, and the views of the city of Fort Worth at sunset were FABULOUS!!! What amazing color!
Of course, no trip to the rodeo with the Holmes family is complete without a stop by the artwork to see Katherine's latest masterpiece. Usually, we can all pick out which painting would win Grand Champion, but this year none of them seemed to compare with Katherine's painting. Not biased, really. Hers was the best. See...
After getting our fill of "fair food," we headed into the coliseum for the rodeo itself. It was just as good as always - better than last year because this year a couple of guys actually lasted the full 8 seconds. Our seats were in a different area than last year, looking down into the chutes where they release the animals for the calf-roping. That meant we had a really good view of the cowboys for those events.
What's the best part of the rodeo? COWBOYS, of course!
Silly Abigail!

What a wonderful birthday - great food, awesome friends, fun entertainment, a beautiful sunset, handsome cowboys, and traditional Texas fun!


Amie Vaughan said…
ah, the cowboys... niiiiiice.

never been on a ferris wheel before?! about time they did. and the views... wow.

i'm glad you had such a great birthday, barb! =D
Genny said…
Great evening. Glad to share in your celebration, even though no carrot cake was to be had. Bummer!
Martha said…
Looks like you ladies had all the fun things covered - handsome hunky men, good food, excitement, good laughs and petting the animals . . . what could be better? Wish I could have been there, but glad you had great friends to share your special day.
Lov eyou,

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