A New Blog for a New Year

My good friend Amie has decided to take a challenge in 2010 of taking at least one photo everyday, posting them here. I thought it sounded like a good idea, so I am joining her in this New Year's Challenge.
The new blog will likely have very little text - I'm gonna let the photos speak for themselves, unless they need explanation. I'll still continue my usual blog with all the stories and multitudes of photos, but will post one photo a day on the new blog. Enjoy this new snapshot view into my life Scene Through My Lens.


Amie Vaughan said…
hey! that name was one of my suggestions! that means i can claim all the credit for your new blog, right? ;)
Barb said…
Yes, the credit is all yours. Both the idea and the name. :) I actually went back to the post where I asked for suggestions and looked at yours when deciding what to name it. BTW, I just purchased more space with blogger so I don't have to change blogs after all!

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