Sixth Graders and Salt-Water Fish

Today I went on a field trip with Cambridge's 6th graders to a salt-water fish store. The goal was to see live coral and sea anemones. Well, the first store was closed unexpectedly, so we went to PetCo and looked at their fresh-water fish (and other animals) until one of their employees told us about another salt-water fish store.

So we finally ended up in the main room of a salt-water fish store with tons of aquariums full of coral and clams and amazingly colorful and unusual fish (isn't God creative!?) and starfish and ghost shrimp and other cool creatures. The kids loved it - they were so enthralled with the way the coral would suck in its flowers when they passed their hand over the light, and with the star brittle that the employee held up for them, and with the "Nemo" clown fish, and everything else. Okay, what am I saying? I loved it too! It was really cool, and I'm so excited that the 6th graders and the 6th grade teacher keep asking me to go on field trips with them. Not to mention it was fun trying out the aquarium setting on my camera! :)


Martha said…
Love the pics. It sounds like you are having a wonderful life. What a great day.
Love you, Martha
Amie Vaughan said…
i LOVE field trips! they're way better than free days. =D

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