Pyrophobia won't get the best of me!

If you don't know, I have a very healthy fear of fire - one which causes me to dread lighting a match, and to tremble when I get anywhere near flames. I can handle candles, especially if I light them with a lighter instead of a match. But that's about the extent of it. When we went camping in October, I didn't want to be close to the fire at all, even though it was freezing! When I was a child I always put my most prized possessions by my bedroom window each night, so if the house caught fire, I could grab them and jump. When I was in chemistry in high school and college, I REFUSED to use the bunson burner. I'd do anything else, but that was pushing me well beyond my limits.

So... all that to say, when I moved into my new apartment and found out I had a fireplace, I was pretty sure I would never have a fire in it unless I had company to light it for me. Well, last night, Amy, Amanda and Rachel came up for dinner, and since it was below freezing outside, it was the perfect night for a fire. Amy had given me two duralogs when she moved, so we pulled one out and Rachel lit the fire. It was so nice and cozy!
Well, I decided that it looked easy enough - you loosen the wrapper, don't even take the log out of the paper, and light the paper in two spots clearly parked with arrows. I mean, how much easier can you get? So, after running around in the frigid 20 degree windchills today, I pulled out the second duralog and lit a fire in my fireplace, all by myself! I was so proud! I know it's a very simple thing, but it's a big step toward conquering my biggest fear. Not to mention, it was really pretty and cozy.


Amie Vaughan said…
congrats, barb! that is a HUGE deal! good for you! =D

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