"I'm Not Having a Birthday!"

"I'm not having a birthday" was my mantra for the couple of weeks leading up to my birthday. I really just was not in the mood to celebrate my birthday. It didn't have anything to do with being another year older, because age isn't really that big of a deal to me. Rather, it was that I just didn't want to be the center of attention. So I told my friends we were NOT celebrating...

Yeah, right. They don't listen very well. :) But I appreciated their efforts to make this a happy birthday even though I wasn't very joyful. Rachel, Bethany and I enjoyed dinner at Red Lobster (yummy cheddar biscuits!) on my birthday eve, I went to church at Wedgwood and got to see a lot of friends on my birthday, and that evening Amy and Amanda surprised me with a tasty carrot cake (my favorite). They said "We know you said we're not celebrating your birthday, so we told them not to write 'happy birthday' on it." Instead, it read "Love you" - I have great friends! We finished the evening by folding out the sofa couch and piling all three of us PLUS all three of our dogs on it to watch Prince of Persia. It turned out to be a good non-birthday after all.


Amie V said…
yay for non-birthdays, and friends who ignore your wishes. ;)

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