Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day part 2

So yeah... the snow/ice/sleet day I blogged about in the last post ended up being FOUR DAYS long! Four days out of school. Four days stuck at home. It was a LONG week! Actually we were supposed to go back to school on Friday (the 4th day), but on top of the couple of inches of ice and dusting of snow we already had, it started snowing on Thursday night and by the next morning we had nearly 6 inches of snow. Putting that on top of the ice layer made it really dangerous and slick. So we were out again...
Here's a progression , from the ice layer before the snow, to the snow when it first started falling, to the winter wonderland I woke up to.

Finally, there was real snow to play in! It's hard to be stuck home on a snow day if you can't even go out and play. Up til Friday it had been bitterly cold with a crazy low windchill too, so I could barely stand to be out in it long enough to take Brodie out for a short walk. But after the snow, it wasn't quite as cold or windy so we went out to play in the snow with four of his doggie friends. We were out there for nearly two hours, and he played his heart out.

Brodie had so much fun, but when we got back to the house he had clumps of snow the size of golfballs hanging from his fur. Poor baby! I had to put him in the bathtub and put the blowdryer on him in order to melt the clumps off. I put a towel by the fire and let him rest there to dry the rest of the way. At first he wasn't too sure about being that close to the fire, but it didn't take him long to settle down and fall fast asleep in front of the fire. That afternoon the sun finally came out and rapidly melted the snow and ice on the roads. I took the opportunity before things froze again that night to drive down to Fort Worth. I had had ENOUGH isolation and really needed to be with friends. I met a group of the girls outside the dorm at SWBTS for an impromptu snowball fight.

Like I said - this was a REALLY long week, but the FOURTH snow day was so much fun!


Amie V said...

yay for finally getting to enjoy a snow day! =)