7th Annual Scrap the Super Bowl Party

Genny and I have a tradition. Because neither of us cares anything about watching the Super Bowl, even the commercials, we SCRAP the Super Bowl. (The last one I actually watched was when Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction!) In the 7 years we've been doing this, it has varied from just the two of us at Genny's house to a large group in the craft room at the church, and the year I was in Scotland it was just Genny. I was SO glad we were able to work it out the scrap this year's Super Bowl. I headed over to her house Saturday evening, and we worked for a couple of hours before getting ready for bed. Then, after church the next morning, lunch with the family, and Brodie jumping in the frozen pool and being exiled to Amy and Amanda's back yard, we got back to scrapping around 2:00. Melissa came over and joined us, and we had a fabulous time scrapping until the mid-4th quarter when I left to make sure I missed any traffic that the Super Bowl might generate. It was so much fun, and I got 10 pages at least most of the way finished (only journaling still needed on most of them).
(one of the pages I was working on - from 2007!)


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