Snow/Ice/Sleet Day 2011

Nobody can say that Texas weather is boring, that's for sure! On Saturday I was out at the dog park in short sleeves and perfectly comfortable in the 70 degree sunshine. When I went to bed last night it was 50 degrees out with no precipitation. The rain hit in the middle of the night, followed closely by an arctic cold front, and the metroplex woke this morning to a couple of inches of sleet and ice topped off with snow. The nighttime hours were crazy, with 30-40 mph wind gusts throwing the ice against my bedroom windows, and "thundersleet" (thunder and lightening during the sleet). Not to mention a 4:30 a.m. text from Dr. Wolfe telling me "no school tomorrow" and asking me to post it to the school website! And if you think the snow/ice is bad, you should feel the cold/wind! The high today was at midnight - the temp's been falling all day; right now (6 pm) it's 19 degrees with a windchill of 1 degree! BRRR!!! And it's not supposed to get above freezing until Friday afternoon! Let me tell you, I feel every bit of that cold each time I have to take Brodie out. Not to mention the fact that my apartment complex doesn't sand/salt our stairs, so I'm always nervous I'm going to slip on the ice and fall down the steps. But I've not been neglecting my boy. I took him on two walks around the apartment complex in the ice. He did great - he loves to run, roll, play, and dig in the snow. He did slip once though - he was running on the grass and jumped down into the road, and all four legs flew out from under him and he kept sliding. It was hilarious, but it didn't stop him. He just kept going. Crazy boy! Here are a few pics of our winter weather adventures.

(He blends in!)
My slippery stairs - treacherous!
Home from our walk, and he wants to hang out on the balcony!
Can you see the ice crystals on his beard?It was a perfect day for a fire.
Brodie enjoyed the warmth of the fire too.
Snug as a bug in a rug on a cold, cold day.


Amie V said…
brrr. it's the sudden changes that get me the most.

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