Super Bowl Fun in Cowtown

In case you weren't aware, this year the Super Bowl was played in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX, which is right in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth. The Packers used the city of Dallas as their homebase - the Steelers were based in Fort Worth, and cowtown did them proud by setting up super bowl central, complete with ESPN's broadcasting center, in the middle of Sundance Square. I'm sure they didn't have nearly as many visitors as they were expecting during the week, because of the winter storm that hit and paralyzed the metroplex. But on Saturday the sun came out, the temps finally rose above freezing, and EVERYONE in the metroplex hit downtown to get rid of their cabin fever. Rachel, Amy, Amanda and I were right there with them. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and even though downtown was crazy, we enjoyed the opportunity to be tourists in our own town.

Those Steeler fans were crazy!

And here are a couple of pics of Super Bowl stadium just for fun - "borrowed" from a friend on facebook. :)


Genny said…
Glad you were able to borrow pics of the stadium. When I went over on Tuesday to take pictures, the outside said OWL only. And, the faces had been removed from the two players on the side. Too late!
Amie V said…
what fun! even if you don't care about football, that's an experience, for sure. =)

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