Fun Days in Georgia

While I was in Georgia this summer, we had a lot of fun, a lot of lazy time around the pool, a lot of games (the "Family Olympics", Isbells vs. McKnights), and a lot of time together. It was a really nice visit.
I love these two boys!

Family Olympics - we played Corn Hole, pool volleyball, "Horse", Boggle (I won!), pictionary, and other games. The families ended coming out exactly even, so we called it a tie. :)

Mom bought a new float before I got home - it's a nerd emoji. We ALL enjoyed it - it's very comfortable, and big enough for three full-grown adults! I had to go and buy one for myself, but it's so big I haven't yet inflated it - not sure where I would put it in my apartment, and it's too big to keep inflating/reinflating.

One night while I was there, Mom and I went out to the Legacy Theater to see their production of "Beauty and the Beast." It was well done, though Mom was right when she said it was hard to go from Broadway to community theater in less than two weeks. Still, it was a fun night out with her.

Dad and I spent time during the last week I was there building a plant stand for my balcony. We turned the garage into a wood shop. Dad did the sawing, I did most of the staining, and we designed it so I could take it home in 4 pieces and easily carry it up the stairs. I put it back together in my apartment, and it looks great on my balcony holding many of my plants.

One day we took a day trip up to Sweetwater Creek State Park and went hiking up to the ruins of the old historic mill that was in the recent Mockingjay movies. Brodie got to go with us, and he loved swimming in the creek when he got too hot. 

I am really thankful for such a fun extended visit in Georgia with my family.


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