Proud to be an American

The weekend before the 4th of July, my cousin Colton and I took the trek from Dallas to Atlanta to spend the holiday with our families. We ended up leaving town around 5pm, so of course we started the trip in rush-hour traffic. This meant we arrived in Atlanta around 7am, again, rush-hour. And of course, those were the two portions of the trip that I drove. Colton did the long overnight hours, but I told him he made me drive the hardest parts!
My riding buddies
My family is very patriotic - we love all things red, white, and blue and Americana. 

On the morning of the 4th, we all got up and ready for the parade. The neighbor went with us so we had two golf carts, enough for us to all get there. The parade is usually lots of fun, with the whole community there, and that was still true, but it seems like every year they do less and less with the actual parade, and it loses some of its charm. We still had fun though.
Waiting for the parade with my two favorite boys.
Photobombed by dad!

After-the-parade refreshments

We spent the afternoon hanging out just the four of us after all the company left, then went to see the fireworks that night. We went to a different spot around the lake this year, and it was great! The fireworks were so close, and even though it was really crowded we had a perfect view. 

Waiting for fireworks!

Here's a video toward the end of the fireworks show - enjoy! 
The only thing missing is patriotic music.


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