Easter with the Holmes family

I was thankful that Genny invited me to spend Easter with her family again this year. Brodie and I drove down Saturday afternoon and dyed eggs with Genny and her neice, Tori. We tried all sorts of different techniques this year - stickers, rubber bands, even drawing full designs on the eggs. I think they turned out really cool! 

On Easter Sunday we went to church at Wedgwood, then came home for a delicious lunch. Genny had invited several other friends over, and her oldest, Katherine, was there as well. It was a fun time of fellowship, and we had a little egg hunt in the back yard for Emily Kate. Brodie joined in a bit too. 
Hmm, let me check how many eggs you found!

It seems like I've known Genny forever - and Katherine was in elementary school when I first met her. I'm so thankful for these special friends who invite me to be part of their family and spend holidays with them when I'm apart from my own family. 


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