My Weekend with the Holmes Girls

This weekend I had the privilege of staying with the two younger Holmes girls while Genny and Jeff were away. I always count it a joy to spend time with Rebecca and Abigail - two of my favorite girls! I went over after work on Friday, and we braved the heat to play a couple of rounds of free putt-putt.
Abigail must have sat on every single animal at the course!

The master putter at work...

pretty flower on the course
our best attempt at a group pic

After sleeping in on Saturday (which was lovely!), we spent the rest of the day chilling in the pool. The near-100-degree heat was made bearable by our frozen QuikTrip slushees from the night before, and of course the pool water. Abigail and I were out there for over 4 hours. I got a little cooked, even with sunscreen. But it was a perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday.


Amie Vaughan said…
wow. that looks fab. makes me jealous. although today i would be wearing shorts and a tank top here... if my summer clothes weren't still in indiana. =D
Genny said…
Cute kids and they SEEM so sweet. :~/

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