Are you ready for some football?

I realized this morning that the Alabama football season starts this weekend. Yeah! I can't wait to watch them play, and hopefully have a winning season. Unfortunately, their first couple of games won't be on TV out here in Texas, so I'll have to wait. But the Arkansas game will be on ESPN on Sept. 15, so I know what I'll be doing that day. Oh wait... we have a choir rehearsal that day! Guess I'll have to make a decision if the times conflict. Anyway, I'll sure be missing my football-watching buddies, Tina, Doug, and Cale this season. Somehow I don't think much football will be watched around their house this year, with a new baby about to arrive and Cale being more mobile. Sure wish I could see them though. But if anyone wants to join me for some Bama football, let me know. And shout out a loud

(pics from the Homecoming game in 2004)


Genny said…
I can think of someone who will probably want to watch Alabama football. Hmmmm????
Martha said…
GO BAMA!!!!!!!!
You know Mamaw will come watch Alabama games with you. We both wish we lived close enough to come watch any game with you. Love the pics.
Love you more,
Anonymous said…
Just as long as they don't turn on the sprinkers while the game is going on this bama.
amy b (not logged in tonight)

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