Savannah Beach

During our trip to Savannah, I HAD to find time to hang out at the beach. I met up with Meemaw on Saturday morning and we headed out to soak up some rays. Actually, the day was rather overcast, but that was okay. We hung out at a relatively quiet part of the beach, and walked along the shoreline for over an hour with our feet in the water. The water was quite a nice temperature, not too cold but not like a bathtub either. We spent a little time laying out before we decided we were hungry and headed for lunch in town. It was a really nice way to spend a few hours, and I enjoyed catching up with Meemaw as well.


Martha said…
What a special place and a special day. Your lighthouse pics are great.
Genny said…
There is no better place to spend the day/week/month than the beach. Lucky!

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