Cable Woes

I must say, Charter Communications does NOT have my vote of confidence! I have been trying for two weeks to get my picture fixed on channels 5 and 6. Channel 5 is NBC and one I watch every morning while getting ready for work - have to get my "Matt Lauer fix" on the Today Show. I have now scheduled 4 appointments and been stood up 4 times. I have wasted 11 hours sitting at home waiting for them to show - 4 hours one Saturday, 6 hours on two different evenings, and 1 hour one morning before work! Every time I call to complain that the technicians haven't shown up, the representatives tell me they're "sorry" and I will have to reschedule. I simply cannot understand why my time is so much less valuable than anyone else's! Even threatening them with cancelling my account hasn't helped - I guess it's not a big-enough moneymaker to concern them. Today the representative had the nerve to tell me, "You can be mad all you want, but in the end you'll have to do what we tell you." What in the world has happened to customer service in this country? What has happened to "the customer is always right," or customer satisfaction. I am definitely NOT satisfied! And I know I'm not the only person who has been stood up by a company representative of some sort - I have heard of at least two other stories in the last two days, one of which was also from Charter. So let me say, if you have a choice, AVOID Charter as your cable provider. And if not, be prepared to wait. It's almost as bad as waiting for a passport...

And thanks for "listening" to me vent.


Debbie said…
Yikes! I'm soooo sorry. They shouldn't have talked to you like that!

Do you have a view of the southern sky? ;-) Maybe you could get DIRECTV instead???
Melissa said…
I would SO be finding myself another means of watching Matt. I'd seriously consider skipping TV altogether just to prove that, in fact, I did NOT have to do what they said. Wow, I'm getting worked up here, but I must admit, disrepectful customer service is one thing I don't tolerate very well, (and apparently, even on behalf of other people) - never mind just poor service.

I'd better calm down and get back to work now. Hope you have a clear view of Morning Matt soon.
Genny said…
AMEN, sister! That goes for the glass man (who I've been waiting for only 3 days) as well!

And boo,hiss... to the passport service, too!!!!!
Martha said…
I am so sorry, but you don't have to take that additude. You can now watch most news broadcast on-line. NBC has Matt on line every morning just like TV, so if you have a good size computer screen and speakers tell Charter GOOD-Bye. You can even watch your favorite weekly TV series on your computer.
Love you,

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