Fayette County Special Olympics

While I was home in GA, my entire family headed off to Savannah for a Special Olympics bowling tournament. Mom, Dad, and I were "chaperones" and Ben and Dad bowled as part of a unified team. Mom actually ended up bowling too because we were one person short. The athletes all did a great job. Dad and Ben's team took silver in their category, and Mom's team took bronze in their group.
The weekend wasn't all work and no play, however. After bowling on Saturday the group headed for the beach for a little while. They didn't have enough time to lay out, but they got to put their feet in the water and look for shells and shark's teeth. That night was Ben's favorite part of the weekend - the dance! He actually didn't dance as much as I thought he would, but everyone, leaders and athletes alike, had a great time. This is first picture is of Ben and his best bud, Tyson.
Mom's aunt, Meemaw, and her family live in Savannah, so Meemaw, Linda, and Eric met us at the bowling alley on Sunday to watch Ben's team bowl. It was fun to visit with them, and we had lunch afterwards at Red Lobster to continue catching up. It was SO cold in the bowling alley, so Meemaw, Linda and I wrapped up in my beach towel (brought along for just such a purpose).


Martha said…
I remember and miss those Savannah trips. You have a great family and ya'll share your love and family very well. You're looking good girl.
Lots of Love,

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