Wedgwood's Merry Elves

Last night Genny and her girls met me at the church for a night of Christmas decorating. Yes, I said Christmas decorating. We are preparing for a children's choir musical called "Christmas In Reverse," and this weekend is our kick-off retreat to introduce the musical to the kids. It should be a lot of fun. We'll be singing Christmas music (obviously), playing Reindeer Games, and exchanging gifts. What more could you ask for?!

So we transformed the sanctuary into Christmas last night, complete with Christmas tree, rope lights, and twinkle lights on my music stand, all while we listened and sang along to Christmas cd's. This is the earliest I've ever started listening to Christmas music! It was great fun to decorate, but it will be sad when we have to take it all down tomorrow evening. I think we should just leave it up. After all, Christmas is only 4 months away!

Hopefully the kids will get into the Christmas spirit and have a great time at this retreat, but our deepest desire is that they will remember the real meaning of Christmas even as we have a lot of fun. Check back next week for pictures from the weekend - I'm sure I'll take some! =)


bartleywedgies said…
Thanks for all you guys do! I know the girls at my house said they had a great time last night and are excited to come back this a.m. - I'm VERY ready for them to come back this morning......Last night looked so cute and fun. We are BLESSED to have your team working in the Music Ministry at Wedgwood.
Genny said…
It's definitely the earliest I've ever listened to Christmas music. And, it was lots of fun. Great pics!
bartleywedgies said…
Thanks for everything this weekend....Kelsie had a great time and was already putting the CD in her room to listen to. She had alot of fun - THANKS for all your hard work!
Martha said…
I am sure you had to be forced into helping decorate for Christmas! This way you have two Christmas this year. Looks like fun.
Love you
KristenRea said…
I sersiously doubt that's the earliest YOU've ever started listening to Christmas music. :-P

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