Hotlanta Braves

Yes, I know I've been a delinquent blogger since I returned to TX. I haven't even blogged about events that took place while I was visiting my family in GA! So here's my attempt to fix that...

On July 19 my family and I took in an Atlanta Braves game, vs. the St. Louis Cardinals. We were all decked out in Braves attire (except Mom, but she at least gave in and wore Braves colors after a little prompting). Ben was thrilled to wear his new Chipper Jones jersey. We had a great time cheering for our favorite players - Go Chipper! - eating peanuts, and watching the Braves pull off a 10 to 1 victory. I'm so glad my entire family shares this love for Braves baseball - it is so much fun to experience the atmosphere of a game at Turner Field in Atlanta.


Martha said…
You guys look so happy together. Ben looks like he is on cloud nine. I know he is glad to have his sister back on American soil. Thanks for sharing the pics.
Love you,
Genny said…
What a fun evening. Great pics and a fun time with your family. Makes me want a pretzel with mustard!

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