My New Home, Part 1

Here are a few pictures of my new apartment. I've gotten pretty settled in, now that I've lived there for about 3 weeks. I still have to hang some things on the wall in my room and above the entertainment center, and rearrange the furniture in the spare bedroom - I don't like how it is arranged right now. But it's really beginning to feel like home now. I do still have some boxes to unpack - actually the most important things, my scrapbooking supplies, are still in boxes! But I'll get there eventually. Anyway, I just wanted to show off my new home, at least the living room and shelf divider between it and the kitchen. I will post more pictures as the rest comes together.


Genny said…
Looking very nice. I really love what you did with the books on the open shelves. (Tee hee...)
Melissa said…
Very nice - love the couch. Cool see through shelves too.
Martha said…
Very, very nice. It looks like a wondeful place to relax. You did good girl. (You too Mom, Dad, and Ben)
Love you

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