Feels like home

I know this post is a little late - well, okay, a lot late, since this picture is now a week old. But here it is, regardless. Last Sunday night the Holmes family and I went out to dinner to Jason's Deli to celebrate my return to Texas. It was so good to go back to Wedgwood, to see my friends again, and to catch up on all the things that have happened over the last six months. I really enjoyed my time in Scotland and wouldn't trade it for anything, but after 7 years of living in TX, this really feels like home.


Martha said…
You know 'they' say 'Home Is Where Your Hearts Is'. You certainly look happy. I love your smile and your friends look just as happy to have you back. Good to see pics again.
Love you,
Genny said…
Sooooo glad to have you home. Can't wait to spend time catching up on the past 6 months. We must set up a scrapbook day in the near future.

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