Christmas Cookies

For the second year in a row, Mom, Ben, and I spent one afternoon before Christmas baking and decorating Christmas sugar cookies. This year we had a much bigger variety of shapes, thanks to a gift of a cookie-cutter set I received last year from Amy. So we mixed, cut, baked, and then prepared to beautify our tasty cookies. And boy were they tasty! We had four different colors of icing, tons of different shapes and colors of sprinkles, as well as M&Ms and red hots to use. I piped on white icing, Mom was in charge of spreading on the other icing, and Ben loaded up the cookies with tons of candy. We each created our own "special" cookie which was exactly how we wanted it (mine had tons of red hots, mom's was covered in M&Ms). The cookies turned out so well - very yummy and pretty!


Amie V said…
i love decorating cookies! and mine would have red hots, too. =D

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