Isbell Family Pups

I was so excited to take Brodie home to meet my family at Christmas. I just knew he would get along great with Harley and Roscoe. And they did well. Harley got a little possessive of his blanket, and the stairs, and the laundry room, but other than a few growls and one snap (no damage done), he and Brodie were friends. Roscoe pretty much stayed away from Brodie as Brodie's playful puppy nature is a bit too much for the scaredy cat. Mom loved Brodie - she said I could leave him there, but of course, that wasn't an option. I love my baby! But Brodie seemed pretty fond of his "Gammy" too.

Brodie had to stay in the laundry room a lot of the time - he wasn't allowed to have free roam of the house like he does at my apartment. He looked so cute peeking over the gate, but he did let his Houdini-ness get the better of him a few times and he climbed over and escaped. One time he made it all the way upstairs to the back bedroom and climbed in bed with Ben! Crazy dog! Another time he hung out in the formal living room chewing on a rawhide, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a few pics of him in front of the Christmas decorations.

All the dogs were so cute. Brodie loved sleeping in Roscoe's bed. I thought he looked adorable with his head rested on his paw.

Here are a few pics of Brodie and Harley playing. They especially had fun playing tug-of-war with Harley's rope. Watch the video below to see who won. :)


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