A White (Day After) Christmas

On Christmas day, we kept hearing from friends and family all over the south who were having a white Christmas. My grandparents in Alabama got 3 inches on Christmas day! Even the Atlanta area got snow. Not us in Augusta. :( We had not a single flake. Now the day after Christmas was a different story. We woke up to a steady flurry, and it continued off and on through lunch time, sometimes with just dandruf-type flakes, other times with huge fluffy white flakes. We left Augusta to drive home around 3:00, and it was still snowing on us. Some places along I-20 (like the first picture below) had a lot of snow accumulated. Others had almost none. When we got home, we found a nice light dusting all over the ground. The house looked so pretty with the Christmas lights and snow. It was dark by the time we got the dogs, so the next morning I took Brodie and Harley out to play in the snow. It was Brodie's first time to see snow! He loved rolling in it, eating it, and running around in the crisp COLD air. And he looked so cute in his little sweater. I sure hope we get some snow in Dallas this year so he can play in it some more.


Amie V said…
love the rainbows in the sunbeams... and the snow on the palm tree. ;)

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