Thanksgiving Square

To celebrate our birthdays together, Rachel and I decided to hang out on the in-between weekend, which happens to fall on MLK Day. Since we both had the day off work, we ventured down to Thanksgiving Square in Dallas. Thanksgiving Square (actually a triangular area of land on the edge of the arts district) features an interfaith chapel, a bell tower, a Golden Rule mosaic, and the golden Ring of Thanksgiving. The best part was the spiral chapel, which is topped off by an amazing spiral stained glass window on the ceiling. We explored the grounds and the chapel, enjoying the relatively mild weather (compared to recent days) and each other's company.

(church building reflected in the glass windows)
(part of FBC Dallas)

(the chapel - see how it's spirally?) This is the stained-glass window, looking straight up at the ceiling
The bell tower, golden ring, and mosaic - check out that sky!
More pics of the sky, downtown buildings, and cool reflections


Amie V said…
that chapel is awesome inside. and what a gorgeous day!

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