Layton Asher Rhodes

There's no question who the star of our Christmas was - his name is Layton Asher Rhodes and he is all of one month old. He is absolutely precious, and I don't think he was put down the entire time we were at Kathy's house. Mom and I fought constantly over who got to hold him, and when Aunt Patty came over, she fought for him as well. Holley was very sweet to share him with us - she's still giddy over him, and rightly so. We did a little photo shoot one afternoon. Layton wasn't exactly excited about having his picture taken - he cried, wanted to eat in the middle of taking pictures, and was definitely not a fan of having his clothes changed. But we got some really cute pics of this adorable baby boy, so it was worth it. I think I took over 300, but here are my favorites.


Amie V said…
so cute! what a sweetie-pie. great photos, as always.

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