New Years Eve in Big D

New Years Eve 2011 - what a day! I spent most of the day unloading my car from my cross-country trek that ended around 9:00 the night before, setting up my new tv, and rearranging the furniture in my scrapbook room to accommodate the new desk dad made for me. By the time it was time to celebrate, I was worn out! But that didn't stop me from meeting up with friends in the Big D for a night on the town. We met at the hotel they were staying in (pretending they were on vacation from Ft. Worth), got all dressed up, and headed out to Palomino's for a nice fancy dinner. Most of us ordered the "chicken under a brick," which was so tender and really tasty. We snapped a few group pics outside the restaurant and then headed back to the hotel to take pics in front of the Christmas tree and change clothes for the chilly weather outside.

(sunset on the way to Dallas)
outside Palomino's
cool light fixture over our table
keeping warm while waiting for the valets to bring our cars around "all the single ladies"After we changed, we caught the hotel shuttle down to Victory Park where the "Big D NYE" festivities were going on. They had several bands playing and a HUGE crowd. We worked our way in so we were right in the center of the plaza area and listened/danced to the music as the countdown ticked closer to midnight. When the clock struck 12, everyone yelled "Happy New Year" and the fireworks started - a variety of different types of fireworks cued to the music. It was really cool. We hung around enjoying the festivities until about 12:30 when we started the long walk back to the hotel. By the time I got back to my apartment it was after 1:30 a.m. and I was exhausted. But it was a fun time of ringing in the New Year with good friends and in a way that I haven't done since New York City in 2004/5 (though honestly, this didn't quite compare).
the view of the stage from "our spot"
yep, there was a crowd alright!
the whole group - Denae, Amanda, Shelley, Amy, Steve, and me

I was laughing hard at this point because the first attempt at this pic ended up being a close-up of Amanda's nose - I forgot the camera was way zoomed in!
Dancing in the New Year

Happy New Year!

And, for your viewing pleasure, a snapshot of the fireworks show and a video of my crazy friends. Enjoy!


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