My New Scrapbooking Table

Before I got Brodie, I had asked my dad to build me a cube-style bookshelf for my scrapbooking room that had the right dimensions to hold my scrapbook paper (which is 12x12, and the cubes you find in the stores are usually 11.5x11.5). However, when I got Brodie, his crate took the space where I was going to put the cubes. So Dad and I designed a set of cubes that would go on either side of his crate with a table on top. Then we thought, why not make it functional as a desk if I ever decide to take down his crate or if I have a friend come over to scrapbook. Since I drove home for Christmas, it was the perfect opportunity to spend a little time in dad's "workshop" (otherwise known as the garage) and build the desk. Dad spent two full days working on it - I helped when he needed my assistance - and then we worked together for two evenings sanding the whole thing. He also built a stand-alone piece to set my Cricut on. Let me tell you, my car was LOADED DOWN when I returned home.

(This next picture cracks me up - nice angle, mom!) Here's Dad with the finished product!
The biggest challenge in this project for ME was getting the desk up the stairs into my apartment, even though it was in 3 pieces (plus the stand-alone). Thanks to a dolly at Home Depot, I finally got it into the apartment and moved the furniture around in my scrapbook room so that it all fit and was functional. Here it is, complete with scrapbooks, paper, Brodie's crate, and of course, Brodie. I love it! Thanks, Dad!


Linda said…
Awesome new desk! My dad too was handy with wood working tools. It's evident all the work and love your father put into it. Thanks for sharing. Belated Merry Christmas.

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