Lights of the South

The first night we were in Augusta, we drove out to Lights of the South, a huge light display that you can walk through or view on a hayride. Our original plans were to do the hayride, but that line was LONG, so we decided to walk it instead. It was a long but nice walk, other than Kathy knocking out the lights demarking the walkway and the path being a little rocky.

The walk ended at this beautiful castle of lights - it was huge and amazing! We took the opportunity to take a few family photos before heading over to the fire pit to roast marshmallows. Altogether, it was a very cool night (pun intended - it was quite chilly out there!)


Amie V said…
gosh! that castle is amazing. gorgeous lights and family photos. =)
Barb said…
Well, the castle is nothing like the ones in Scotland, but it was still quite cool. :)

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